Terrible Tragedy as Man Falls From Aerial Lift

Michael Scott had just rented a aerial lift from a local material handling equipment company to wash the windows of the industrial building he owned. No one knows exactly how it happened, but at some point Michael fell off the aerial lift and landed on his neck, killing him instantly. Michael was married to Evalyn Scott, and had 3 beautiful girls. This article is a warning to all loving family members that tragedy can strike anywhere, at any time. Michael had rented aerial lift equipment plenty of times in the past, so it is perplexing how and why the accident occurred this time.

While there was a slight wind, and Michael had quite a bit of cleaning supplies on the aerial lift, it was nothing new that Michael hadn't encountered before. There are many aerial lift related deaths per year in the United States alone, with most occurring by people who have never, or rarely rent an aerial lift. This is another sad case for this website of a good man dying early and leaving a loving family behind. I know this isn't easy to read, as most on this website have encountered their own devastating loss, but lets always keep in mind how easily our loved ones can be taken.

Aerial lift safety cannot be stressed enough and it is essential that you are properly trained before operating an aerial lift. For more information about safety of aerial lift operations you can refer to Aerial Lift Pros, which has helpful tips and information about aerial lift operation, as well as aerial lift training classes and certification. You can also check out OSHA for more information.

A slight wind, or maybe Michael was reaching too far over the railing, one will never now how he fell off the aerial lift. While we don't want to blame the aerial lift for Michaels death, it is a stark reminder that we need to be careful no matter what we are doing.